As the temperament jewelry of the new era women, how can we identify the quality of pearls?


When we look at the pearl, the first thing we see is the pearl’s luster. The so-called “blossom” is the soul of the pearl. There is no light and the pearl of less light lacks aura.

The pearl should be placed flat on a white soft cloth, you can see the luster of the pearl overflow. If good pearl we can see the colorful rainbow. You can also see the metal texture of the sphere and even can clearly reflect People’s pupils are particularly bright, but the price is extraordinarily expensive.


The pearl is more round and beautiful, which is in line with the Chinese aesthetic.

Large and round pearls showing the beauty of the moon luster, which creates a beautiful artistic conception. Of course there are some special shapes from the designer’s special craftsmanship. They create a different kind of true pearl jewelry, such as Droplets, hemispheres, etc.


We look at the surface of the pearls to find those flaws (pox, spot, print, pit, point). The less flaws the better quality. If a flaw is not noticeable when you observe it in the distance of half-meter it is acceptable. One piece of fine pearl can be selected from ten thousands of pieces. A piece of flawless pearl is the top of those best pieces.


The size of the pearl also determines the value of the pearl.

Generally, pearls below 6 mm are not included in the jewelry category. 7-9 mm is the common preference of the public, and 10 mm pearls are rare. Only Nanyang pearls and black pearls come in 11mm or more. The bigger the pearl the more rare it is, and the price doubles.