China has always been the first choice for every trader in the world. It is because it provides the best product at low prices which are not possible to get from any other country in the world. It is possible with China because China is the most populated country in the world. Thanks to the huge number of labors and accurate usage of machinery, the cost of production in China cheaper than to any other country in the world.

If you are also thinking of importing any goods from China, it is always preferable and advisable to seek for the help of some sourcing company who can be reliable and trustworthy.

Below are the detailed steps that you should follow while importing jewelry from China

  1. Ask for Samples

It is very important that if you are a trader and dealing in jewelry you must ask for samples. In pictures and photos, they all look ravishing and vibrant but the reality may be something else. When you have the sample in your hand, you can identify the quality, texture, color, and size of the jewelry.

  1. Inspection of materials

Once you have got the materials before sending them for manufacturing you must inspect and check the quality of the product. Before assembling the materials it’s better that you check its durability and quality at the time of its arrival.

  1. Applicable Regulations

It is crucial for you to know that the materials and parts which you are importing to your country are legal and valid. Does your country have given the permission for these parts of jewelry which are being imported? You should have proper knowledge regarding all such matters. If your country permits, you should know the rules and regulations that are being imposed on them.

  1. Requirement of Hallmarking

In most of the countries, it is important that the jewelry which is been imported from China may be seized if they don’t have the required Hallmarking standards. Platinum, Silver and gold jewelry are essential to have hallmarking. In many cases they are seized by customs authorities in case the labels are not there or they are improperly marked.

Stainless steel and pearl jewelry which are non-precious jewelry, other than hallmarking this jewelry should have the labels or markings of your country.

  1. Cultural Barrier

The traditional culture of China is considerably different from that of Western countries, leading to the different way of thinking and working.

  1. Language Barrier

As you know, language barrier always needs to be conquered to have smooth international trade.

  1. Customs Barriers

The customs of each country has its own regulations. Exporters and importers should pay close attention to the changes of the corresponding regulations.

In most of the cases, language barriers are the major problem which raises hurdles in importing goods from China. This also increases the chances of insufficient communication and delivery of wrong items which were not supposed to be imported. To end such problems you should choose a helpful sourcing agent who will help you in all the work.